Annual Meeting

2024 Annual Meeting Sessions

Sunday, January 7

9:00am – 12:00pm

WORKSHOP 1006 | Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Fusion: Learning from Each Other
Bicycle and pedestrian counts are foundational for monitoring active travel on a network. However, counts are only available at select locations, leaving volumes on most of the network unknown. Emerging data sources combined with traditional counts may improve network-wide estimation, but questions remain about the quality, accuracy, management, and methods to be used for estimating volumes. This workshop will examine data quality and management, explore data fusion, and discuss future needs.

WORKSHOP 1011 | City and State Electrification: A Fully Charged Discourse on Resilience and Safety
As Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funds and climate urgency push electrification to the forefront of planning and implementation, the benefits and hazards in implementing and operating electrification infrastructure are increasingly debated. This workshop brings together a diverse coalition of stakeholders for a facilitated discussion and audience engagement. The workshop aims to discuss (1) equity considerations, (2) safety considerations; and (3) resiliency considerations, covering what is known and unknown to advance the topic.

WORKSHOP 1012 | Open Innovation: Public-Sector Engagement with the Private Sector to Advance Innovation
How can public agencies learn and work better with businesses and start-ups to leverage a potential partnership that can yield tangible benefits? Open innovation is an approach to share and exchange knowledge with external partners to accelerate internal transformation. This workshop explores Transportation Innovation Lifecycle concepts through: (1) five presentations by domestic and international organizations, and (2) interactive exercises to explore the idea of innovation-oriented calls or challenges and how to promote public-private-academic partnerships on prototyping and piloting.

Tuesday, January 9

1:30pm – 3:15pm


See agenda on the Documents page.

3:45pm – 5:30pm

SESSION 3183 | Tourism Impact on the Urban Road Network
Urban road networks handle a significant amount of traffic, whether from daily commuter travel or peak season visitation. In this session, attendees will hear about international and domestic examples of addressing these layered impacts.

Wednesday, January 10

10:15am – 12:00pm

SESSION 4048 | City Department of Transportation Leadership Roundtable: Automated Vehicles Are on Our Streets, Now What?
Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have begun to test and deploy more widely in cities and reports from San Francisco and beyond have brought this topic to the forefront for many. What happens when the rubber meets the road and AI meets your city’s streets? Join this roundtable discussion with leadership from major cities to talk about what they are seeing with AV testing and deployment, how their cities are responding, and what the future of deployment might look like.

Thursday, January 11

10:15am – 12:00pm

WORKSHOP 5006 | Mitigating the Implications of Increasing Vehicle Size and Mass on Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety
Growth in passenger vehicle size is a key contributing factor to the increase in pedestrian and bicyclist deaths and injuries over the last few years. Larger vehicles encourage a “race to the bottom” for traffic safety by increasing crash severity and diluting the effectiveness of prior safety efforts. This workshop will examine recent research related to vehicle size and VRU crashes, as well as potential legislative, technology, and traffic design solutions to mitigate this increased risk.

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