The committee began a webinar series in 2015 and has hosted webinars through TRB, NACTO, and other groups:

Vulnerable Road Users Safety: What Cities Can Do To Make Things Better?
Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This webinar addresses improving the safety of vulnerable road users, who are more likely to be severely injured if involved in a crash. These users include pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, children and senior population, and people with special needs. The number of vulnerable road users is expected to increase as cities increase their multimodal infrastructure investments.
Note that this webinar is sponsored by TRB.

Speakers: Robert Hull (Cambridge Systematics), Ema Yamamoto (Department of Streets, City of Philadelphia), Chava Kronenberg (SFMTA)

Slides from the presentation are here.

Impact of Mega Events on Urban Growth through Sustainable Transportation Solutions
Thursday, June 2, 2016

This webinar discussed the impact of mega events on urban grown through transportation infrastructure investments. Mega events, like the Olympics, have been known to either enhance or disrupt urban growth of their host cities, primarily through implemented transportation solutions. This webinar explored ways that mega events may enhance urban transport, efforts used to plan for mega events, and challenges and lessons learned that could be applied to other cities facing similar disruptions.
Note that this webinar is sponsored by TRB.

Speakers: Eva Kassens-Noor (Michigan State University), Jamie Mackey (Utah Department of Transportation), Laurel Radow (Federal Highway Administration)

Slides from the presentation are here.

Cities Beyond Driving
Monday, March 7, 2016

This webinar focused on advanced solutions that may help transportation professionals envision cities beyond private vehicles. The goal of this webinar was to present diverse alternatives to driving a private car, from “alternative” multimodal transportation applications to autonomous vehicles. This webinar also introduced policy issues that may arise as these multimodal solutions become available in cities.|
Note that this webinar is sponsored by TRB.

Speakers: Jake Sion (Transit App), Nidhi Kalra (RAND Corporation), Ryan Lanyon (City of Toronto), Tracy Larkin-Thomason (Nevada Department of Transportation)

Slides from the presentation are here.

2015 Webinar Series: Multimodality in Urban Context

This webinar series creates a space for experts from industry, government, and academia to discuss potential advancements in multimodal transportation.

Future Directions for Multimodal Research and Practice
Wednesday, December 9, 2015

This webinar focused on the most recent technological developments that facilitate multimodal transportation. The webinar provided knowledge on current research advancements in urban multimodal transportation, and the challenges of overcoming the gap between research and practice.
Note that this webinar is sponsored by TRB.

Speakers: Kristine Williams (Center for Urban Transportation Research at University of South Florida), Darby Watson (Seattle Department of Transportation), John Gordon (Metro), Paul Supawanich (Remix)

Slides from the presentation are here.

Multimodality in Major Cities: Urban Success Stories
Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This webinar will provide information about urban multimodal projects and the successes and challenges these projects faced with implementation. This speakers will discuss lessons learned from these urban multimodal projects and practices of multimodal implementation. This webinar is part of the committee’s 2015 Webinar Series: Multimodality in Urban Context.
Note that this webinar is sponsored by TRB.

Speakers: Chris Pangilinan (New York City Transit), Rob Viola, (New York Department of Transportation), Colin Quinn-Hurst (City of Salt Lake), Katherine Gregor (City of Austin)

Slides from the presentation are here.

Measuring Multimodal Transportation: Data Driven, Multimodal Approach for Urban Streets Performance Measurement
Friday, June 26, 2015

This is the second webinar in the series of webinars on multimodal transportation planned for this year, cosponsored by the TRB Committee on Transportation Issues in Major Cities (ABE30) and the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO). As the first webinar, held in April, provided the introduction to multimodal trends in major cities, the second webinar is focused on performance measurement practices. Webinar speakers will bring insights on operations, safety and public health outcomes of multimodal transportation solutions. The goal of the webinar is to inform practitioners about the existing tools and research in development, which they may use as multimodal transportation performance indicators.

Speakers: Jamie Parks (City of Oakland), Eric Hanss (City of Chicago), Shaunna Burbidge (Active Planning)

Recording: https://youtu.be/9GBLQHuwJEA


Multimodal Trends in Transportation Webinar
Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The first webinar in our 2015 series will focus on major issues in urban multimodal transportation, including the definition of multimodal transportation, performance metrics suitable to measure the success of multimodal projects, successful urban projects and implementation challenges, most recent research in technology and urban freight, and the potential for bridging the gap towards practical application. See the attached flyer and please share widely!

Speakers: Sylvain Haon (UITP), Jamie Parks (City of Oakland), Paul Supawanich (Nelson\Nygaard), Allison Conway & Candace Brakewood (City University of New York)